Position statement by women living in the vicinity of agro-industries on the respect of their land rights

Date published

Women in general, especially in rural areas, play an important role in economic life. As producers, they are at the heart of the organisation of family farming and they possess traditional expertise that makes them the pillars of families and enables them to meet the challenge of food self-sufficiency. Aware of this role, we, as women living in the vicinity of eight (08) agro-industrial plantations (HEVECAM, SUDCAM, SOCAPALM, PHP, BIOPALM, SEMRY, RUBBERCAM, SOSUCAM) have gathered in the context of the celebrations related to the International Women's Rights Day 2020 to discuss the impacts of agro-industrial plantations on women's land rights.

Through this note, we welcome the positive actions implemented by some of these agro-industries to varying degrees. We also make recommendations to administrations, companies, traditional authorities and civil society organisations for a better consideration of women's land rights in the context of the development of agro-industrial plantations.