LandCam allocates grants to improve land governance in Cameroon

The Confucius Foundation has signed the contract

To increase stakeholder commitment to improving land governance in Cameroon, LandCam has launched a call for proposals for the 2018-2019 Small Grants Scheme. The programme is an open and competitive initiative that runs throughout the timeline of the project. Six CSOs were retained after a rigorous selection process for the first round of grants. A ceremony was held to this purpose, during which the 6 CSOs signed the contracts awarding them the grants. The total amount allocated for this year is 100,000 (one hundred thousand) euros, and the projects will have a maximum duration of one year.

The LandCam Small Grants Programme aims to deepen the understanding of land and natural resource governance issues and possible solutions; a better understanding of the involvement of social actors, taking into account gender aspects; testing the design, scalability and replicability of an analysis or action tool; and promoting dialogue between stakeholders at the local level (e. g. community/local authorities, or communities/business).

So far, the LandCam project has focused its field activities on two areas: the Ocean and the Dja divisions. With the grant program, more areas will be involved through the grant beneficiaries. This first phase was launched in 2018. The second phase will follow in a few months.

For more information on the selected projects, see the Briefing Note (in French only).

Below, pictures of the signing ceremony. 

2019.03 Des subventions pour contribuer à l’amélioration de la gouvernance foncière au Cameroun