Impact of migrations on indigenous peoples: interviews with Samuel Nguiffo and Nguiamba Alain


To mark the 2019 International Day of the World's Indigenous People, LandCam met with Samuel Nguiffo, Secretary General of the Centre for Environment and Development (CED), and Alain Nguiamba, a leader of the Bagyeli community in Bibera, Southern Cameroon Region. They discuss the insufficient recognition of indigenous peoples' rights to their lands, territories and natural resources, and the impact this has on their migration movements.

2019 is the year of indigenous languages. CED has carried out research in the Eastern and Southern regions, with the Bagyeli and Baka communities, with the aim of assessing the situation of indigenous languages and cultures in a context of poor land security. The results of this research were presented at a workshop held on 6 and 7 August 2019 in Yaoundé, and highlighted the progressive extinction of cultural identity and indigenous languages, which may result from migration. In response to land tenure insecurity and its impact on indigenous languages, the LandCam project provides solutions that involve all stakeholders in land governance in Cameroon :

  • Raise awareness of policy makers on the urgent need to fill the legal gap around the land rights of indigenous communities;
  • Provide opportunities for indigenous peoples to contribute to the design of solutions in collaboration with the State and investors;
  • Continue to conduct research to identify and systematize solutions implemented in other countries.