Call for proposals for the 2019-2020 small grants


In Cameroon, as elsewhere, it has been observed that land is at the heart of several issues, including forestry, mining, agro-industry and any other personal use (access to land for housing or for private use). The conditions of access and conservation of land are not the same everywhere, nor for all, and there are significant inequalities exacerbated by private companies which often, with the support of the State, access or grab large areas, leaving few spaces for indigenous people and local communities. Access to land is also at the core of social conflicts between local communities, Bantu vs. indigenous people, herders vs. farmers, elites vs. communities, foresters, miners vs. communities.

The Landcam project aims to be an effective, efficient, inclusive and sustainable governance tool that allows all land stakeholders to reconcile and, above all, to reconcile economic and development objectives with the sustainable land and resource management goals.

The Landcam Small Grants Scheme aims to support innovative civil society initiatives in land management. This call for proposals is open to Cameroonian CSOs and focuses on potential solutions to recognize and secure land and resources rights, as well as methods and approaches to increase the participation of indigenous communities, youth and women in inclusive and participatory management. Land conflict management processes and approaches are encouraged.

Applications for grants for the year 2019-2020 must be sent before 17:00 local Yaoundé time on Monday, November 25, 2019 to

The documents related to this call for applications are the followings: 

- The guidance note : Small Grants Scheme guidance note 2019-2020 

- The submission form : Submission Form 2019-2020 

- The budget framework : Budget template 

For more information, please contact us: ; or (+237) 699674953/674282900.