REPAR: The working group on land governance is getting up to speed

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The Network of Parliamentarians for the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa (REPAR) is a key partner in the LandCam project. The national coordination of this network has set up a working group that follows closely the evolution of orientations around the ongoing land reform, which aims to influence the process. With the renewal of some members, it was deemed appropriate to conduct a capacity-building session for the working group on land governance issues and the work carried out under LandCam.

As such, on December 3, we introduced the current members of the working group to the main concerns related to land management. The Chairman of RECTRAD, parliamentarians and members of the LandCam team took part in these exchanges. The exchanges focused on present-day land issues in Cameroon, land tenure and state law. In this regard, we especially discussed large-scale land transfers and the respect of the State's commitments in terms of biodiversity protection, in a context where land and resources are constantly being coveted for economic development, and conflicts are numerous.

The working axes defined as next steps for the working group focused on enabling them to be familiar with the proposals of civil society for the ongoing land reform, as well as preparing the parliament-government dialogue planned a few days after this capacity-building session.