Participatory mapping for sustainable land use

Participatory mapping in the East Region of Cameroon. Source: CED (2022)

Title Author via: Source CC BY 4.0


Poor land management is one of the main causes of conflict in Cameroon. In recent years, the Eastern region of Cameroon has experienced major pressures on land due to the growing number of mining companies. The lack of a well-structured mining sector has led to many problems threatening the integrity of living spaces and of community land. Between 2021 and 2022, the CED has helped several communities in mining zones to produce participatory maps as a tool for visibility, identification and protection of their land.

We supported the communities living in the villages of Kambélé 3, Batouri district and Colomines, Ngoura district in the mapping of their living spaces and the uses they perform there. The restitution of maps took place from 23 to 25 July 2022, and was attended by men, women and young people from the communities, as well as traditional authorities.

The maps produced will be used for advocacy to secure local communities' land rights and to improve transparency in mining investments. LandCam continues to support communities in the planning and rational and sustainable use of land, taking into account the needs of all users.