Conference on Land and Policy in Africa

Conference opening session

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The third edition of the Conference on Land and Policy in Africa (CLPA) was held from 25 to 29 November in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, under the theme " Winning the fight against corruption in the land sector, sustainable pathways for Africa’s transformation". The objective of this learning event was to deepen land policy capacity in Africa by improving access to knowledge and information on land policy development and implementation.

Group picture

More than 500 participants attended the event, including African CSOs, academics and independent researchers. One of LandCam's representatives, CED, made a presentation on expropriation in Cameroon, and spoke at the closing roundtable on "Land, Ethnicity and Conflict: Causes and Solutions Proposed by CSOs in Land Reform in Cameroon". CED Secretary General, Dr Samuel Nguiffo recalled that taking into account community methods of land management would limit land conflicts.

Session on compensation

Another LandCam partner, NES Cameroon made a presentation on the theme of “transparency, corruption and security in land governance’. IIED, an implementing partner of LandCam activities, was also part of the delegation.

The LandCam stand

On the side of the other participants, traditional rulers were given space, and they particularly stressed the importance of community land management and women's access to land. For example, one of the representatives stated that women already have land rights on the continent, in accordance with African culture and customs.

Closing session